Technology with High Accuracy

Technology with a Single Purpose



Faithful audio playback


While caring about numerical performance, we eliminate noise and distortion at the same time.

Through the technology developed based on our continuous sincere approach towards this simple yet profound proposition, we have achieved the reproduction of a natural, comfortable, and immersive sound space.



Record every sound


By thoroughly eliminating unnecessary components such as noise and distortion, we have achieved a wide dynamic range.

The ability to record any sound just as it is felt without missing anything is due to the accumulation of technologies based on such a thorough philosophy.

SOUND Evaluation


Tune in to the sound


VELVET SOUND products are tested in a full-scale in-house audio listening room before being released globally.

The demo system for trial listening is designed not only for the circuit board but also for the power supply and frames, taking into consideration the characteristics of the playback system, such as speakers, and the listening room.

We design the system by paying close attention to the details of the substrate material, selection of component parts, layout, and wiring patterns,

We continue to make improvements based on the results of in-house and customer evaluations.


Automotive Sound Solution



Bring sound akin to that of the listening room into the cabin


Tuning technology by audio professionals who have inherited our unique know-how of high-end sound.

Our highly flexible DSP and optimized software algorithms were developed to process various acoustic signals in the cabin.

The fusion of these technologies enables us to realize not only the quantified acoustic characteristics, but also subtle differences in sound quality that can be felt intuitively.