The Inside Story

Insider's guide to the development of VELVET SOUND

VELVET SOUND pioneers a new era of sound

Inside Story #04

The new flagship DAC AK4499EX and AK4191 that adopt the latest high-quality sound technology and a completely separated digital / analog circuitry solution.

AK4493S / AK4490R Advanced VELVET SOUND Technology

Inside Story #03

AKM has released the AK4493S and AK4490R DACs, as new products under the VELVET SOUND brand. We interviewed the developers about the latest evolution of VELVET SOUND technology.

Providing ICs for the Heart of People around the World

Inside Story #02

AKM's approach to audio ICs

AKM has been working on technological development while listening to the voices of the market and has achieved productization. We would like to let every audio user know AKM's audio ICs and introduce AKM's current and future efforts to develop audio ICs.

Insider's guide to VELVET SOUND

Inside Story #01

A history of surpassing limitations

Insider's guide to the development of VELVET SOUND and acoustic technology