The flagship VERITA series offers forward-thinking products with world-class performance.

AKM’s VERITA audio devices target high-end and boutique audio equipment. These devices integrate cutting-edge features ideal for the Hi-Fi and high-resolution audio markets.

Home Audio

Everyone should have access to exceptional sound, especially at home. AKM’s flagship home audio products deliver a great listening experience on everything from Hi-Fi systems to smart speakers and the television in your living room.

Automotive Audio

A great journey needs a great soundtrack. AKM’s automotive audio devices offer high-performance processing and automotive-level quality to provide premium audio in your car’s cockpit.

Portable Audio

High-quality sound should be able to join you on your adventures. This requires high performance, a compact form factor, and low power consumption. AKM’s portable audio lineup leverages our flagship home audio technology, optimized for products that sound great without draining your battery.

AKM's high-performance audio products are also widely featured throughout the pro audio industry. These devices can be found in professional recording studios and broadcast facilities, as well as in all manner of home studio systems.