Network Stereo Receiver

Refresh Your Home Media Experience with Hi-fi Sound

2017 New Product Release

Quality Digital-to-Analog Processing

An AK4452VN digital-to-analog converter from AKM features unique low-distortion filtering technologies ideally suited to the extended frequency response of Hi-Res Audio files. Excellent S/N and low-noise performance assures clear analog conversion of any digital source.

* The TX-8250 integrates a premium D/A converter, the AK4452VN.



Network Stereo Receiver

Pure Audio Muscle in a Space-Saving Design

2016 New Product Release

Hi-Res Audio via Network or USB

The R-N855 receiver features a premium AK4490 768kHz/32-bit DAC to convert digital signals into a smooth analog waveform. This DAC module is renowned for high bandwidth and low noise, and decodes 11.2 MHz DSD and 192kHz/24-bit PCM Hi-Res Audio formats over network or USB.

* The R-N855 integrates a premium D/A converter, the AK4490.



Compact Disc Player

Solid Deck Has the Goods for Superb CD Sound

2016 New Product Release

Quality AKM 192kHz/24-bit DAC

If you own an integrated power amp, the C-755 can feed it a clean, noise-free analog signal courtesy of a 192kHz/24-bit DAC from AKM. The device has a low noise floor, excellent bandwidth performance, and quality output filter to preserve the full frequency spectrum while reducing noise.

* The C-755 integrates an audio stereo D/A converter, the AK4482.



Network Audio Player

Hi-Res Audio with an Analog Soul

2016 New Product Release

Dual-Differential DAC Configuration

Flagship AK4490 768 kHz/32-bit DACs for L/R channels decode the positive and negative halves of the signal waveform separately. As well as improving voltage stability and dropping the noise floor, dual-differential DAC configuration increases bandwidth and pulls every detail from Hi-Res Audio.

* The NS-6170 integrates two premium D/A converters, the AK4490.


VELVET SOUND is a sound philosophy and brand concept for AKM’s next-generation audio devices, featuring new chip architectures and core technologies.

The new circuitry found in VELVET SOUND devices is designed to maximize dynamics and ensure pure, unaltered audio data, prioritizing the accurate capture and reproduction of the source material in order to achieve high performance and rich musicality. These devices were designed specifically for the high-resolution digital audio era.

* VELVET SOUND ™, VELVET SOUND | VERITA ™ and Audio 4 Pro ™ are trademarks of Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation in Japan, Europe and the United States.