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Excellent Audio Function Supporting High-resolution Sources

Released October 2016

Featuring High Quality Sound Technology with High-resolution Source Playbacks

The MDV-Z904W/Z904/Z704W/Z704 integrates Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation's (AKM) 32-bit premium audio D/A converter.  This DAC is developed with VELVET SOUND technology realizing a high-tolerance design for noise while providing high-resolution 32-bit data processing. 

The high-resolution DAC can reproduce even the minutest details in the music including atmosphere that the artist intended by recreating high-resolution sound sources in high-fidelity.

Digital data of non-high-resolution sources are up-converted to higher resolution of 192kH/32-bit digital data by DSP process, and it is played by AKM's 32-bit premium DAC.  Not only music source but also video source playbacks can be experienced in high quality sound.

The MDV-Z904W/Z904/Z704W/Z704 adopts AKM's triple core floating point arithmetic DSP for high speed and high accuracy audio signal processing such as sound quality adjustment. This DSP realizes accurate and efficient data processing while achieving high quality sound.

* The MDV-Z904W/Z904 integrates a high-end premium D/A converter, the AK4490. The MDV-Z704W/Z704 integrates a premium D/A converter, the AK4452. And both systems integrate an audio & voice processor, the AK7738.



AV Navigation System

In the Pursuit of High Quality Sound, High Resolution Sound is Realized with the Latest Technology.

Released February 2015

The MDV-Z702W integrates AKM’s premium 32-bit DAC: 

A leading device of the new era, realizing detailed sound from the abundant information in high-resolution sources.

For the heart of data conversion from digital data to the analog music signal, it integrates AKM’s new generation premium 32-bit stereo DA converters.  This high resolution DAC is developed with VELVET SOUND technology recreating the original sound expresses, even beyond the audible range of human, to reproduce the very best sound details from the large amount of information in a high-resolution sound source.

VELVET SOUND technology realizes sensitive sound reproduction with a design high tolerance for noise in addition to high resolution 32-bit data processing.  With AKM’s triple core floating point arithmetic DSP (Digital Signal Processor) and low phase noise master clock, the MDV-Z702W is capable of processing the abundant information of high-resolution sources with a balanced expression of the strength and sensitivity of the music.

* A premium D/A converter the AK4490 and an audio processor the AK7738 are integrated to the MDV-Z702W.



AV Navigation System

High Quality Sound is achieved in Thorough Pursuit of Noise Suppression.

Released January 2014

Able to Express Detailed Atmosphere of the Music

High Accuracy 24-bit D/A System

For the heart of data conversion from digital data to music signal, the MDV-Z701 integrates AKM’s DAC (D/A converter) with Kenwood’s offset dual differential system (ODD).  It easily corresponds to a high-density data and suppresses digital noises caused by D/A conversion and conversion errors by individual difference to reproduce even the minutest details in the music allowing you to experience the music as the artist intended.

High Speed and High Accuracy Audio Signal Processing

Floating Point Audio DSP

The MDV-Z701 adopts a floating point audio DSP that is capable of high speed and high accuracy audio signal processes with over sampling and sound quality adjustment.  It enables accurate and efficient data processing while achieving high quality sound.

* An audio CODEC the AK4629 and an audio processor the AK7736B are integrated to the MDV-Z701.


VELVET SOUND is a sound philosophy and brand concept for AKM’s next-generation audio devices, featuring new chip architectures and core technologies.

The new circuitry found in VELVET SOUND devices is designed to maximize dynamics and ensure pure, unaltered audio data, prioritizing the accurate capture and reproduction of the source material in order to achieve high performance and rich musicality. These devices were designed specifically for the high-resolution digital audio era.

* VELVET SOUND ™, VELVET SOUND | VERITA ™ and Audio 4 Pro ™ are trademarks of Asahi Kasei Microdevices Corporation in Japan, Europe and the United States.