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The VELVET SOUND taken over genealogy of the Premium Audio Technology is realized in various scenes.

The advanced audio devices enable natural sound recording technology used in today's recording studios enabling a PCM recorder, and state-of-the-art Hi-Fi sound playback technology used in professional level audio equipment.

AKM's advanced audio devices optimized for portable equipment such as smartphone lead new era of the high-resolution digital audio.

HiFi Headphone DAC


Low-power HiFi D/A converter for true wireless earphones



The AK4332 is an advanced 32-bit high sound quality mono audio DAC with a built-in ground-referenced headphone amplifier. It has four types of 32-bit digital filters for better sound quality, achieving low distortion characteristics and wide dynamic range. The AK4332 accepts PCM Data, PDM Data and DSD Data. It is available in a 30-pin CSP package, utilizing less board space than competitive offerings. It is ideal for true wireless earphones, (TWS: True Wireless Stereo).

  • High Performance of -101dB THD+N with only 2.8mW Power Consumption
  • Capable of Achieving Even Lower Power Consumption with support of a 1-bit PDM signal

Key Features

  • Maximum Sampling Frequency/Resolution :  192kHz/32-bit
  • S/N (SNR) :  109dB
  • Distortion (THD+N) :  -101dB
  • Sound Color Digital Filter :  4 types
  • Power consumptoin :  2.8mW (fs=48kHz)

HiFi Headphone DACs

Part Number Ch# Resolution S/N THD
+N *
Fs *
DSD * 
Color *
    bit dB dB kHz MHz  
AK4331ECB 2 32 109 -100 192 No 4 types
AK4332ECB 1 32 109 -101 192 Yes 4 types
AK4377AECB 2 32 125 -107 384 No 4 types
AK4377ECB 2 32 128 -109 768 11.2 4 types